David's CDs are currently unavailable.The distributor's website has been compromised.

We will have the link up to purchase them as soon as possible.


Solo Albums

Forest of Feelings (1975) - OUT OF PRINT
Transformation: Speed of Love (1976) - OUT OF PRINT
True Stories (1978) 
Just as I Thought (1979)
The Bridge (1981) - OUT OF PRINT
9 Piano Improvisations (2000)
Live in The Now (2006)


2009 The Hounds of Winter (Sting)
2008 Bernie Williams
2008 Dianna Cristaldi
2007 Time and Tide (Robbie Dupree)
2006 Ryan Leslie
2006 "The Wall" Revisited (Pink Floyd)
2006 Bernie Williams
2005 Tony Levin
2005 Christmas Album (Darryl Hall and John Oates)
2005 The Gulley Flats Boys (Francis Dunnery)
2005 Jefferey Gains
2004 Martin Sexton
2004 Live at the Albert Hall (Zucchero) 
2002 One More Car....One More Rider (Eric Clapton)
1998 Blue Planet (Donna Lewis)
1998 Human Beings(Seal) 
1998 Big Foot (Jim Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus)
1998 Galore (Jeffrey Gaines) 
1998 Human Being (Seal)
1998 Oremi (Angelique Kidjo) 
1997 Misfits (Sara Hickman) 
1996 The Unherd (w/Larry Hoppen of Orleans)
1996 View From Here (Artie Traum)
1996 Ecstasy's Dance: Best of Narada Michael Walden
1996 Legacy Of (Phyllis Hyman)
1996 Best of (Zucchero Fornaciari)
1996 Prendere E Lasciare (Francesco De Gregori)
1996 For Your Pleasure (Josh Colow)
1995 Spirito DiVino (Zucchero Fornaciari)
1995 Diamante (Zucchero)
1995 Smoke And Mirrors (Robbie Dupree)
1994 Colaiuta (Vinnie Colaiuta) 
1994 Greatest Hits 1980- 1994 (Aretha Franklin)
1994 Necessary (Sara Antones Hickman)
1994 Be Careful What You Wish For (Kristen Hall)
1994 Best Of (Sting) 
1993 10 Summoner's Tales (Sting)
1993 Demolition Man (Sting)
1993 various singles (Sting) 1993 Vinnie Coliuta
1993 Taxi (Bryan Ferry) 
1993 Walking On Water (Robbie Dupree)
1993 It's About Time (Manu Katche)
1993 Geronimo (Robbie Dupree)
1992 Back Again!!! (Milira) 
1992 Human Touch (Bruce Springsteen)
1991 The Soul Cages (Sting) 
1991 Swept (Julia Fordham) 
1990 Zucchero (Zucchero Fornaciari)
1989 Be Yourself (Patti Labelle)
1989 Passion (Peter Gabriel)
1989 The Lion (Youssou N'Dour ) 
1989 Oro Incenso & Birra (Zucchero Fornaciari) 
1988 Viva Santana! (Santana) 
1987 Blue (Zucchero Fornaciari)
1987 Carried Away (Robbie Dupree)
1986 Aretha (Aretha Franklin)
1986 Hideaway (Stanley Clarke)
1985 Beyond Appearances (Santana)
1985 Fired Up (Larry Graham)
1985 Hero (Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers)
1984 Russ Ballard (Russ Ballard)
1983 Looking at You (Narada Michael Walden)
1983 The Kid (Didier Lockwood)
1983 Godess of Love (Phyllis Hyman)
1983 Sixteen (Stacy Lattislaw)
1982 Animation (Jon Anderson)
1980 A Gathering Of Minds (Bruce/Cobham/Holdsworth/Clempson/Lockwood/Sancious
1980 Where's My Hero (Rozetta) (Brenda Madison/Colaiuta,/Landers/Saisse/Sancious)
1980 Volume (Ray Gomez) 
1980 Tale Of The Tape (Billy Squire)
1980 Tilt (Cozy Powell)
1980 The Sounds Of Asbury Park (Various)
1979 The Old Grey Whistle Test (Jack Bruce)
1979 I've Always Wanted to Do This (Jack Bruce)
1977 Live (1976-1977) (Stanley Clarke)
1977 Say No More (Les Dudek) 
1976 School Days (Stanley Clarke)
1976 Garden Of Love Light (Narada Michael Walden)
1975 Journey to Love (Stanley Clarke)
1975 Venusian Summer (Lenny White)
1975 Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen)
1973 Wild, Innocent & E St. Shuffle (Bruce Springsteen)
1973 Greetings From Asbury Park (Bruce Springsteen)
One Fine Day: Soundtrack (Merchant /Bennett / Connick Jr. /Colvin / Fitz)
P.O.V. (Peter Gabriel) 1990 VHS